What Flowers Can Decorate a Modern Space?

Modernism has been an upward trend in housing and interior decoration since the mid-1960s. Today, it has evolved into a style that favors geometric patterns and minimalistic design. But having so little in such a big space can get stale after a while.

What are some of the best ways to freshen up your modern space with colorful flowers? What arrangements work great with a modern style? With a bit of exploring, you can find great patterns and decorations that can incorporate the best flowers into your modern lifestyle.

Finding the Right Vase 

Before figuring out what flowers work best with a modern house, you need to find the perfect vase to put them in. Vases are decorative pieces that can either be the eye-catcher of the room, or they can blend nicely with the existing furniture and designs. Either way, you’ll want something that is totally chic and modern.  

Geometric vases might be a good place to start browsing. Geometric vases often have curved bases and smaller mouths, with just enough space for the flowers to thrive while they live in your modern home. 

Green is Good 

Ready to start decorating your home with natural elements? You can never go wrong with green! Greenery is a great way to fill in vases or other empty spaces in your modern room. Use flowers with big green leaves or lots of leafy branches to add a touch of naturalism. Plus, it provides a solid color that blends well with almost every other color you could possibly have in your house. You can even use greenery as its own decorative statement, instead of just using it as a filler. In some cases, tall greenery can elevate the look of the room and add dimension to an otherwise flat space.  

Don’t Scratch Off Succulents  

Do you live in a dry place? Do you have a yearning for floral decorating, but you don’t want to put in the maintenance required to water plants every day? There’s a perfect solution: 


Succulents are a desert variety of plants that are used to arid environments, meaning you don’t have to worry about watering them every day. In fact, most succulents thrive in indoor spaces. There are so many different types of succulents that you can come up with 100 unique arrangements that will add depth and character to any room in the house. 

Be Simple and Clean! 

The best way to incorporate flowers with a modern design is to keep things clean and streamlined. Fanciful flowers with noisy patterns and huge pots may not be the best thing for your minimalist lifestyle, but there are plenty of other flowers that can get the job done right. Zen-like plants like pansies, lilies, or just green plants with unique leaves can do a lot with just a little bit of color.  

Ultimately, it’s about creativity. You are in control of your space, and you can choose which flowers you think will best emphasize the modern decorations you love. If you’re still stuck, reach out to a local florist to get some good decorating ideas!