Finding the Best Flowers for Your Religious Events

Around the world, there are important religious events happening in every month of the year. One of the best ways to celebrate your faith in a big way is with the right flower arrangement.

But, how can you tell which flowers will best represent your faith and symbolize the power of your religious event? Every faith, religion, and creed has its own set of icons and symbols that help bring its religious community together. Flowers are a great way to express your connection during religious celebrations.

Below, you’ll find some of the most popular flowers that are used in different religious ceremonies and events across the globe.

1. Olive Tree Flowers

The small white bunches of flowers that grow amidst the olive trees are used by several different religious faiths to celebrate significant events. In fact, olive tree flowers are used by the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.  

The entire olive tree is actually used with religious significance. The Islam religion associates olive trees and olive tree flowers with Paradise. Muhammad used olive oil to anoint himself with. In Christianity, it is said that Jesus was crucified on a cross made from the wood of an olive tree. Judaism believes that olive trees and branches with olive flowers represent peace, beauty, prosperity, and God’s love for His people.  

2.  Lilies 

If you are someone who celebrates Easter, you’re probably already familiar with the religious significance of lilies. This is a highly Christian symbol that is used to represent both the immaculate conception of Christ and the resurrection of Christ during what is now Easter time. White lilies, in particular, symbolize purity, virginity, and radiance.  

3. Lotuses 

The lotus is a sacred symbol celebrated by many different religious faiths and followings, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Followers of Buddhism use the lotus to symbolize the highest state of awareness that one can achieve, symbolizing exaltation and enlightenment. Lotuses often also symbolically line the path that one must take towards achieving that enlightenment.  

Hinduism uses lotus as a part of worship. Puja, which means “flower act”, associates the lotus with different deities who symbolize life, beauty, eternity, fertility, and much more. Gods and goddesses are often shown sitting upon a giant lotus as a throne.  

4. Roses 

Probably one of the most popular flowers to use in floral arrangements and flower deliveries, roses are known universally as the symbol for love. Just seeing a bright red rose can evoke passion and intimacy. Roses represent many different things across many different faiths, including virginity, martyrdom, and marriage. Wedding ceremonies that are performed in tradition with religious faiths often use roses to symbolize the dual meaning of virginity and heavenly joy.  

5. Orange Flowers 

The flowers that sprout from orange trees can often be seen planted in Islamic gardens or used as decoration during weddings and funeral ceremonies. Orange branches and trees are also symbolic of religious faith. Orange trees and their flowers are used as a symbol for meditation, relaxation, and inner healing.  

Orange trees and flowers hold significant importance not only during big religious events but also as a part of everyday religious life.  

Pick Your Ceremonial Flower Today 

From lilies to roses, to the delicate flowers that grow on fruit trees, there are plenty of reasons why these natural floral arrangements are regarded so highly by different faiths around the world. Their color, shape, smell, and abundance symbolize the tenants of any creed or faith. If you are planning on attending an upcoming religious event, mark the special occasion with a flower that symbolizes the power of faith.