What Flowers Can Decorate a Modern Space?

Modernism has been an upward trend in housing and interior decoration since the mid-1960s. Today, it has evolved into a style that favors geometric patterns and minimalistic design. But having so little in such a big space can get stale after a while.

What are some of the best ways to freshen up your modern space with colorful flowers? What arrangements work great with a modern style? With a bit of exploring, you can find great patterns and decorations that can incorporate the best flowers into your modern lifestyle.

Finding the Right Vase 

Before figuring out what flowers work best with a modern house, you need to find the perfect vase to put them in. Vases are decorative pieces that can either be the eye-catcher of the room, or they can blend nicely with the existing furniture and designs. Either way, you’ll want something that is totally chic and modern.  

Geometric vases might be a good place to start browsing. Geometric vases often have curved bases and smaller mouths, with just enough space for the flowers to thrive while they live in your modern home. 

Green is Good 

Ready to start decorating your home with natural elements? You can never go wrong with green! Greenery is a great way to fill in vases or other empty spaces in your modern room. Use flowers with big green leaves or lots of leafy branches to add a touch of naturalism. Plus, it provides a solid color that blends well with almost every other color you could possibly have in your house. You can even use greenery as its own decorative statement, instead of just using it as a filler. In some cases, tall greenery can elevate the look of the room and add dimension to an otherwise flat space.  

Don’t Scratch Off Succulents  

Do you live in a dry place? Do you have a yearning for floral decorating, but you don’t want to put in the maintenance required to water plants every day? There’s a perfect solution: 


Succulents are a desert variety of plants that are used to arid environments, meaning you don’t have to worry about watering them every day. In fact, most succulents thrive in indoor spaces. There are so many different types of succulents that you can come up with 100 unique arrangements that will add depth and character to any room in the house. 

Be Simple and Clean! 

The best way to incorporate flowers with a modern design is to keep things clean and streamlined. Fanciful flowers with noisy patterns and huge pots may not be the best thing for your minimalist lifestyle, but there are plenty of other flowers that can get the job done right. Zen-like plants like pansies, lilies, or just green plants with unique leaves can do a lot with just a little bit of color.  

Ultimately, it’s about creativity. You are in control of your space, and you can choose which flowers you think will best emphasize the modern decorations you love. If you’re still stuck, reach out to a local florist to get some good decorating ideas!


Just Got a Flower Delivery? Here’s How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh!

Nothing says “I love you” or “Congratulations” better than a fresh bouquet of hand-picked floral arrangements. Flowers of all shapes and sizes can be delivered to your loved ones as a big way to express your love for them.  

The joy of receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers never gets old. Everyone loves to be greeted by a surprise flower delivery! But the best part about getting flowers is keeping them on your table or in your home as a way to brighten up the room. It would be great if these flowers could last as long as possible, right?  

What are some of the best ways to keep your cut flowers fresh and flourishing for as long as possible? It would be sad if you had to throw them away a few days after receiving them. Here are some ways that you can hold on to your beautiful bouquet for as long as you possibly can! 

The Sugar Secret 

Did you know that adding a little bit of sugar can extend the lifespan of your flowers? It’s true! All you need is some sugar and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Here’s what to do: 

  • Fill your desired flower vase up with water.  
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. 
  • Add this mixed solution to the water in the vase.  
  • Repeat this process every few days to extend the longevity of your bouquet! 

Sugar and apple cider vinegar provides plenty of electrolytes and essential nutrients that plants can use to keep their stems strong and their petals healthy. Here are some more ways to use apple cider vinegar around the home.  

Give Your Flowers Some Fridge Time 

Leaving your bouquet out in the open all day can significantly reduce its health. The best way to keep your flowers looking gorgeous it to put them in the fridge overnight. Yes, seriously! You wouldn’t leave fresh produce out on the kitchen counter overnight, would you? You’d rather keep it crisp and fresh in the fridge. Apply this same thought process to your flower bouquet, and your plants and all of their pretty petals will thank you! 

Drop a Penny for Luck 

Do you like to drop pennies in a fountain and make a wish for good luck? Now you can do it at home with your very own flower vase! Adding a penny or a coin to the vase of water can protect the plants against a buildup of harmful bacteria. It adds just enough acidity to the water to protect your cut flowers from invaders, but not enough acidity that it hurts the flowers themselves.  

Don’t Put Them Directly in the Sun  

Everybody knows that flowers love being in the sunlight. In fact, sunlight is needed so plants can absorb chlorophyll and produce the energy used to grow strong and beautiful. And while your indoor flower bouquet should still have a chance to see the sun, it shouldn’t be placed directly in the sunlight.  

Since the plants aren’t actually growing anymore, they don’t need as much sun as you may think. Your flowers are now much more sensitive to temperature than they were when they were in the ground, so a little bit of heat can be really damaging. Keep them in a chilled location for extra longevity! 

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Flowers 

Your bouquet requires constant maintenance to stay pretty and alive for as long as possible. Use the tips listed above to keep your flowers healthy while they spend their days in your home. Trim the stems every couple of days and get rid of any dead pieces. The more you care for them, the more they’ll shine for you!


Finding the Best Flowers for Your Religious Events

Around the world, there are important religious events happening in every month of the year. One of the best ways to celebrate your faith in a big way is with the right flower arrangement.

But, how can you tell which flowers will best represent your faith and symbolize the power of your religious event? Every faith, religion, and creed has its own set of icons and symbols that help bring its religious community together. Flowers are a great way to express your connection during religious celebrations.

Below, you’ll find some of the most popular flowers that are used in different religious ceremonies and events across the globe.

1. Olive Tree Flowers

The small white bunches of flowers that grow amidst the olive trees are used by several different religious faiths to celebrate significant events. In fact, olive tree flowers are used by the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.  

The entire olive tree is actually used with religious significance. The Islam religion associates olive trees and olive tree flowers with Paradise. Muhammad used olive oil to anoint himself with. In Christianity, it is said that Jesus was crucified on a cross made from the wood of an olive tree. Judaism believes that olive trees and branches with olive flowers represent peace, beauty, prosperity, and God’s love for His people.  

2.  Lilies 

If you are someone who celebrates Easter, you’re probably already familiar with the religious significance of lilies. This is a highly Christian symbol that is used to represent both the immaculate conception of Christ and the resurrection of Christ during what is now Easter time. White lilies, in particular, symbolize purity, virginity, and radiance.  

3. Lotuses 

The lotus is a sacred symbol celebrated by many different religious faiths and followings, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Followers of Buddhism use the lotus to symbolize the highest state of awareness that one can achieve, symbolizing exaltation and enlightenment. Lotuses often also symbolically line the path that one must take towards achieving that enlightenment.  

Hinduism uses lotus as a part of worship. Puja, which means “flower act”, associates the lotus with different deities who symbolize life, beauty, eternity, fertility, and much more. Gods and goddesses are often shown sitting upon a giant lotus as a throne.  

4. Roses 

Probably one of the most popular flowers to use in floral arrangements and flower deliveries, roses are known universally as the symbol for love. Just seeing a bright red rose can evoke passion and intimacy. Roses represent many different things across many different faiths, including virginity, martyrdom, and marriage. Wedding ceremonies that are performed in tradition with religious faiths often use roses to symbolize the dual meaning of virginity and heavenly joy.  

5. Orange Flowers 

The flowers that sprout from orange trees can often be seen planted in Islamic gardens or used as decoration during weddings and funeral ceremonies. Orange branches and trees are also symbolic of religious faith. Orange trees and their flowers are used as a symbol for meditation, relaxation, and inner healing.  

Orange trees and flowers hold significant importance not only during big religious events but also as a part of everyday religious life.  

Pick Your Ceremonial Flower Today 

From lilies to roses, to the delicate flowers that grow on fruit trees, there are plenty of reasons why these natural floral arrangements are regarded so highly by different faiths around the world. Their color, shape, smell, and abundance symbolize the tenants of any creed or faith. If you are planning on attending an upcoming religious event, mark the special occasion with a flower that symbolizes the power of faith.


5 Reasons to Support Local Florists for Your Flower Delivery Needs

Almost every kind of occasion calls for custom flower arrangements. From weddings to funerals, from religious holidays to family graduations, there’s always a good reason to brighten something up with some freshly-cut florals. Flower delivery experts are always available to provide the best options and best prices so you can enjoy your celebration without a hitch.  

Some people search wide and far for the best flower deliveries, but you shouldn’t be looking further than your own home town. Local florists are the best people to look to when you need flowers delivered at any time of day or night – and here’s why! 

1. You’ll Get the Freshest Flowers 

If you want the freshest flowers and the fastest delivery, look no further than local flower delivery. Nothing will be better than the flowers you can get close to home. They will be fresh, and they will look and smell great. Besides, most of the flowers you order are blooms that are in season, so it’s best to get ahold of them while you can.  

2. You’ll Establish a Trusting Relationship 

It’s always better to support your local economy than to try and order things from out-of-town all the time. If you are someone who loves ordering flowers for friends and family, use this as an opportunity to establish a relationship with your local florist in Pune. You’ll get a better idea of their inventory, their arrangement style, and their overall availability. Plus, you never know when you’ll be offered a discount or a deal on your next flower arrangement!  

3. You Can See Orders from Beginning to End 

It can be tempting to find the big-box flower delivery names on the Internet and place all of your orders through a website. But you can’t possibly know that the flowers your recipient will get are as fresh or as beautiful as they appear in the online images. The only way that you can guarantee the best-quality flowers is if you are present throughout the entire ordering process. This is why it’s worth it to take a trip to your local florist and help pick out the arrangements by hand.  

4. You’ll Get the Best Range of Seasonal Flowers 

You’d be surprised the amount of inventory your local florist has in stock. Many flower delivery specialists keep their own greenhouses, so they’re able to grow seasonal flowers on site. You’ll get the best deal and the best selection fo fresh flowers that are grown right in the florist’s backyard. Plus, you can be assured that your local florist will always have the most popular flowers in stock, no matter what time of year it is.  

5. You Can Get Great Recommendations 

Working with a website is not the same as talking with a real person. You can’t use a webpage to get live recommendations or see all of your options laid out in front of you. Nothing is better than interacting with a real, local person who knows the market and knows your tastes. You can get recommendations based on your budget, color palette, and what special occasion you are celebrating. 

Visit Your Local Florist Today  

If you’re looking for the very best in floral arrangements, style ideas, and budget-friendly prices, look no further than your local flower delivery specialist. That’s the best way to get the flowers you want, delivered to the person you love. Visit your local florist today and see what’s in stock!


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